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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

Assistive Listening Devices

Due to technological advancements in recent years, today's hearing aids do an excellent job of helping people meet many of their communication needs. However, sometimes there are situations where additional technologies may be needed.

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Dizziness and Balance Testing

We specialize in testing for dizziness, vertigo and balance disorders. This testing includes: VNG, ABR, ECoG, rotational tests, posturography balance tests, and canalith repositioning procedures.

If you are suffering from dizziness call our office at 718-966-9466 to find out how we can help you.

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Hearing Evaluations

The hearing tests we perform include in-depth testing of the outer, middle and inner ear to determine degree and type of hearing loss.

We specialize in testing patients of all ages from newborn to geriatric including difficult to test populations such as autistic and learning disabilities.

Call our office today to schedule your hearing test at 718-966-9466 or 718-816-1952

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Hearing Aid Evaluations

During the Hearing Aid Evaluation (HAE) we determine if the patient is a candidate for hearing aids. We provide information regarding types of hearing aid technology, hearing aid styles, prices and hearing aid warranties.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

We service and repair all types of hearing aids including analog, programmable and digital. Some hearing aid repairs can be performed in office in just a few minutes.

Walk-in hours are available every day for repairs. Please call office to find out the walk in hour times. 718-966-9466, 718-816-1952

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Inner Ear Testing

The Otoacoustics Emissions Test (OAE) is an extensive test of the sensory cells of the inner ear that determines function and damage.

Middle Ear Testing

Our testing of the Middle Ear structure consists of evaluating the Ear Drum, Middle Ear Muscles and Middle Ear Bones.

Pre-Employment Hearing Tests

It is common practice for employers to request new workers have a hearing check prior to commencing employment. There are a number of reasons why pre-employment hearing tests are required. We offer pre-employment hearing tests of workers entering new employment at the request of the employer or the worker.

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Specialized Earplugs

Earmolds come in a wide variety of sizes and types. Some earmolds are solid, and some are soft or spongy. The most popular styles are full shell and half shell. Full shell earmolds are generally for high-level noise exposure, while half shell are for mid-level noise exposure. The type of earmold your audiologist recommends will depend on your individual needs.

Our Custom Earplugs

Tinnitus Evaluations

After a patient has consulted with their doctor, and is referred for testing, we evaluate the type and level of tinnitus, and determine the best strategy for treatment which may include hearing aids, Tinnitus maskers or use of environmental sounds or sound generators. Click here for more information about our Tinnitus services.

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