Siemens Hearing Aids



A world first dedicated to binax custom hearing aids.

With binax, the world first technology that outperforms normal hearing*, we raised the standard of Soundability, drawing inspiration from the healthy auditory system. This next generation of BestSound Technology simulates the effects of binaural hearing and brings its advantages back to the wearer. It is so advanced that for the first time, wearers with a pair of binax models Carat, Carat A, or Pure® can understand speech in demanding environments even better than people with normal hearing.* The new wireless, two-microphone Motion® binax and Insio binax models have the same directional performance as the Pure binax and Carat binax.

*Two clinical studies have shown that binax provides better than normal hearing in certain demanding environments (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hörzentrum, 2013): Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT) in cocktail-party situations improved up to 2.9 dB for wearers with mild to moderate hearing loss using Carat binax or Pure binax hearing aids with narrow directionality, compared to people with normal hearing.


Sleek and easy to handle with true binaural capabilities to fit any ear.

The new Motion binax models offer true binaural capabilities. Fully featured, they provide almost all options to cover any individual need. The rechargeable Motion SX binax and the DAI-ready Motion SA binax come in a new, sleek design with improved directionality. This makes them discreet, comfortable to wear, and provides outstanding listening. The new rechargeable Motion PX binax is a powerful partner in a proven design: Due to its high level of amplification, it can cover more severe hearing losses. Its user-friendly controls and intelligent interface offer wearers hassle-free handling and connectivity.

Motion binax. Comfort meets a new dimension of hearing.


Leading in binaural directionality.

With binaural OneMic directionality, Insio binax presents a true world’s first: These tiny custom hearing aids can offer directionality that can only be achieved with binaural technology.

Now all advantages of Insio binax have been made available for people with severe to profound hearing loss: Thanks to the new power matrix, even these tiny hearing aids can offer the necessary gain and output while still keeping their small size, allowing for a higher fitting rate among those who need the most amplification.

Additionally, all Insio binax models, even the tiniest IICs, are remotely controllable via the touchControl App. This makes Insio binax a nearly invisible solution with outstanding audiological performance.

Insio binax. Minimized design, maximized performance.


  • Up to 65 dB gain in the tiniest RIC BTE design available
  • More discreet than ever before with remote controllability!
  • Make volume and program changes with smartphones using the FREE touchControl App
  • Smartphone compatible for both iOS® and Android
  • Moisture-resistant housing has an IP67 rating
  • Tinnitus therapy feature
  • Uses a size 10A battery


  • Up to 75 dB gain
  • Outstanding sound quality. Versatility. Discretion.
  • Smartphone compatible for both iOS® and Android
  • Wireless – compatible with the new easy-to-use easyTek streamer
  • Rechargeable RIC
  • True binaural capabilities
  • T-coil
  • Moisture-resistant housing has an IP67 rating
  • Tinnitus therapy feature
  • Versatile RIC BTE with a robust fitting range
  • Uses a size 312 battery


  • Up to 75 dB gain
  • Compact, versatile, flexible
  • True binaural capabilities
  • Rechargeable RIC
  • Smartphone compatible for both iOS® and Android
  • Wireless –compatible with the new easy-to-use easyTek streamer
  • Make volume and program changes with smartphones using the FREE touchControl App
  • Moisture-resistant housing has an IP67 rating
  • Tinnitus therapy feature
  • Uses a size 13 battery


  • Up to 75 dB gain
  • Compact, versatile, flexible
  • True binaural capabilities
  • Smartphone compatible for both iOS® and Android
  • Wireless –compatible with the new easy-to-use easyTek streamer
  • Make volume and program changes with smartphones using the FREE touchControl App
  • Moisture-resistant housing has an IP67 rating
  • Tinnitus therapy feature
  • With optional Audio Shoe
  • Uses a size 13 battery


With the latest version of our Essential lines of BTEs, RICs, and Customs, you can now offer your patients smart features, previously exclusive to higher performance levels, at very competitive price points. Our enhanced Essentialproduct line has the most advanced products in their class.

  • Orion2 offers binaural synchronization, Automatic and Adaptive Directional Microphones, wireless streaming with easyTek and the easyTek App.
  • Orion 2 now comes in the popular RIC 10, as well as the RIC 312, and BTEs, and now offers wireless streaming via easyTek.
  • Sirion 2 adds a few new features — Automatic Directional Microphones, Frequency Compression, and now can be discreetly controlled via the free touchControl App.
  • In addition, the entire Essential line is compatible with the touchControl App for smartphones to control volume, programs, and treble — no intermediary device needed.


Individual, comfortable hearing.

The new Orion 2 family offers all types of hearing aid models, from RICs to BTEs to ITEs. Thanks to a high resolution, feedback cancellation and directionality, all models provide good speech understanding and a comfortable listening experience according to the wearer’s sound preferences and needs. Plus, Orion 2 offers wireless connectivity options: Via the easyTek, it can stream audio from most Bluetooth®– enabled devices. And it is remotely controllable via the touchControl App – thus offering a discreet hearing solution to almost all your customers.

Orion 2. Well connected, superbly convenient.


Sound hearing, smart control.

A dependable hearing solution: The new Sirion 2 offers proven audiological performance and hassle-free handling ina??a broad range of reliable BTEs and ITEs. Each model is equipped with feedback cancellation and noise reduction technology for a comfortable hearing experience.

Plus, all Sirion 2 hearing aids are remotely controllable via the touchControl App, thus offering your customers a high level of discretion.

Sirion 2. Discreet hearing in every situation.


micon gives you more.

micon is the platform behind BestSound® Technology. For the first time a wearer can forget that they are hearing through a hearing aid. With micon’s natural sound and sophisticated, personalized functions wearers experience the joy of hearing effortlessly in any soundscape.

For you, micon means quicker and more accurate fittings, settings that change automatically depending on the listening environment, and automatic acclimatization over time. The result? Fewer follow-up visits, accelerated acceptance, and patient satisfaction even in the most challenging situations.


Super power. Super connectivity.
Siemens Nitro is the ideal solution for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss who want to stay involved and active. These super-power hearing aids not only provide the necessary amplification, they are also powered by Siemens’ pioneering BestSound Technology to offer outstanding speech intelligibility and listening enjoyment. Nitro automatically recognizes your environment and switches to the appropriate program – leaving you free to focus on your life.

Great battery life – and wireless connectivity too.
Nitro gives you the sound experience you prefer, all with remarkably low battery consumption. In addition, nearly all Nitro models offer wireless connectivity, helping you to focus on your life and not your hearing aids. Nitro has the power and functions to help you stay connected and get the most out of life.

Nitro features.

  • Ergonomic slim-neck design – 30% smaller BTE
  • Directional microphones
  • Feedback cancelling technology combats feedback noise
  • BTE models resistant to moisture, sweat and dirt
  • Tinnitus therapy feature
  • Integrated telecoil
  • Windscreen protects against wind noise
  • Wireless connectivity


Enjoy the sound of life.
Hearing at its best. Let’s sound in, keeps the elements out.

Enjoy being immersed in sound.
It doesn’t matter what you do in life, you want to enjoy every moment of it. No matter how active your lifestyle, you can always wear your hearing aids.

Enjoy total freedom.
With its unique design, robust Aquaris is the only truly waterproof, dustproof, and shock-proof hearing aid available. Its soft-touch lacquering and ergonomic shape make it virtually shockproof. Resistant to dust, perspiration, and humidity, Aquaris is perfect for people who spend time in demanding environments. Wherever you are—working in a garden, sweating at the gym, building sandcastles, showering, swimming – Aquaris delivers outstanding sound quality with exceptional clarity and comfort.


  • Completely sealed housing and battery door
  • IP68 certified: No seepage and no damage during continuous immersion
  • Custom-made soft ear mold for swimming


  • Repels dust, perspiration, and dirt
  • Dirt and moisture-resistant surface
  • Watertight housing safeguards against corrosion

Shock resistant

  • Scratch-proof, non-slip, soft rubber surface
  • Attachable Sport Clip for extra security
  • Microphone cover protects microphone membranes and reduces wind noise


Enjoy the sound of life. 
Hearing at its best. The small work of art that’s big on style.

Enjoy every detail in style. 
Whether it’s a passing comment or a detailed discussion, you don’t have to miss a thing. Siemens Life combines outstanding sound quality and refined comfort with simple operation. It’s the perfect complement when style matters.

Enjoy star performance. 
Incredibly small, big on style, Siemens Life fits you and your life. Soft and flexible, it has no hard parts and fits simply and comfortably on the ear. Designed to deliver superb sound quality, Siemens Life gives you choices between automatic and programmable push-button operation. And, it’s open-fit eliminates the muffled effect you may feel with other hearing aids.

Life is style. Life is freedom. Life is full. 
Siemens Life is for those with mild to moderate hearing loss, who won’t compromise their style. Flexible and uncomplicated Siemens Life delivers the lowest power consumption among comparable hearing aids on the market.

Discreet and elegant

  • Compact, ultra-small design is almost unnoticeable behind the ear
  • Comfortable, easy-to-clean ultra-thin tube and tip practically disappear
  • 12 exchangeable subtle and stylish colors and patters
  • Fully automatic functions or push-button adjusents
  • Tinnitus therapy feature

Fast and flexible

  • Instant fitting concept—hearing better in just one office visit
  • Open-fit minimizes occlusion effect
  • Low maintenance means fewer follow-up visits
  • Connects to Tek and miniTek wireless systems


  • Siemens BestSound Technology
  • World’s best feedback cancellation prevents whistling
  • Speech sounds clearer—even in noisy environments
  • Learns listening preferences in various surroundings



Stylish, practical remote control for easy handling.
Siemens’ sleek, high-quality easyPocket remote control gives you convenient access to all the options that the hearing instruments have to offer. Even users with dexterity issues can easily change their hearing instrument settings thanks to the large, accessible buttons and a modern, easy-to-read display.


Easy to use and sustainable.
Now you can combine the best hearing experience with the knowledge that you’re doing something that will benefit the next generation. Ever run out of batteries unexpectedly? Annoying, isn’t it? Why not simplify things and say goodbye to weekly battery changes with the eCharger—the sustainable power solution for rechargeable Siemens hearing aids.

Save yourself the hassle of fumbling with battery changes and help save the environment.


  • Universal smartphone app that controls hearing aids- now available for binax and Essential Siemens hearing aids
  • Discreet control of compatible binax hearing instruments, easyTek, and audio sources
  • Universal connectivity to favorite apps: FaceTime, Google Maps, Pandora® Radio, Apple TV®
  • Visual display controls volume, balance, program selection, and audio sources
  • Activates Spatial Configurator easily… to override automated functionality when you want it
  • The discreet and convenient companion to your binax hearing aids


  • Universal smartphone app that controls hearing aids – only for binax BestSound Technology hearing aids
  • Easy-to-use and FREE for iOS® and Androidsmartphones
  • No additional hardware is required
  • Discreet control of binax hearing instruments