Pre-Employment Hearing Tests


It is common practice for employers to request new workers have a hearing check prior to commencing employment. There are a number of reasons why pre-employment hearing tests are required, including:

  • ensuring the new workers’ hearing is at a sufficient level to meet any specific safety requirements in the workplace,
  • establishing a workers level of hearing at the commencement of employment for the purposes of hearing monitoring and conservation
  • determining  any pre-existing hearing loss

Staten Island Hearing and Balance Center offers pre-employment hearing tests of workers entering new employment at the request of the employer or the worker.


Is your organization classified as “noisy”?

Have you found your company being responsible for all of your employees’ hearing loss, even their pre-existing hearing loss from previous employment?

To protect your company from pre-existing hearing loss of new workers, you need more than a simple pre-employment hearing test to be protected against industrial deafness compensation claims.

Staten Island Hearing and Balance Center offers an important Service to all employers. This service includes;

  • Conducting pre-employment hearing tests for new workers.
  • Forwarding the results of this assessment to the worker’s last noisy employer. This will protect your company from future industrial deafness claims which would otherwise include all pre-existing hearing loss.
  • Providing your company confirmation of your “protection” within 48 working hours.
  • Providing your company copies of the pre-employment hearing test results.


Staten Island Hearing and Balance Center provides services to people entering new noisy employment.

Your new employer may request for you to undergo a pre-employment hearing test. It is important for your new employer that you have a pre-employment hearing test for the following reasons;

  • Your employer knows what your current level of hearing is before you start working in your new noisy job.
  • Protect your new employer from future industrial deafness claims for any pre-existing hearing loss.

If you require a pre-employment hearing test, register now or call our clinic at 718-816-1952 to arrange an appointment.